Hamish Everard Natural Therapies believes that every patient is unique and therefore requires individualised naturopathic care.

When visiting our Naturopathic Physician your experience will be like no other medical consultation. When you consult a naturopath, from our clinic, you will find a person committed to your health and wellness in a completely holistic way. An initial consultation takes 40 minutes. The Naturopathic Doctor will take a medical history, which will involve questions regarding your current symptoms and health, past illnesses and operations, past and present medications, family history and dietary information.

Non invasive tests will be performed at this appointment which will help the practitioner diagnose your health at the present state and to identify any problems that may arise regarding your health in the future. These tests are explained under the test section on this website.

Using the information from the medical history and results from the tests performed allow the practitioner to develop a treatment plan. A Naturopathic Physician treats the underlying causes of disease, not just the symptoms. This approach is necessary for the patient to achieve optimum health and wellness over the cause of their lives. Disease affects the entire person, not just a specific organ or system. Thoughts, feelings, lifestyle, family history, environmental stresses, nutritional status and general physical state are all carefully evaluated.

The Naturopath will then advice on dietary and lifestyle changes and where indicated prescribe naturopathic medication to not only address the symptoms but also address the underlying cause. Naturopathic medication consists of herbal, nutritional and homeopathic Medicine. Emotional factors may also be corrected using a technique called the “Neuro Emotional Technique” (NET).

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