harmful chemicals in everyday products



How many of the personal care products you’re using right now could contain dangerous cancer causing chemicals that may put you and your family at risk?

It’s very well documented that commercial personal care products, household cleaners and make-up all contain dangerous cancer causing chemicals. Their continued use can affect the health and wellbeing of many of your family and friends.

For over fifteen years now, Hamish Everard Natural Therapies have been helping our patients achieve ultimate health and wellness through Naturopathic Medicine. We have helped clients deal with the treatment and prevention of cancer, infertility, preconception care, allergic reactions and detoxification.

During our treatment and research, we’ve conducted numerous tests using the very latest diagnostic equipment and clinically proven naturopathic medications. These tests have revealed that many patients have high levels of cancer causing chemicals stored in their bodies.

As a result of our research, we are constantly investigating companies to find safe and effective personal care products for our family, friends and clients. Fortunately, we’ve been able to find one such company who is a leader in the research and development of safe and effective personal care products, household cleaners, nutrition and make-up.

We are pleased to announce, we have introduced a range of these products into the clinic to help you be more proactive with your health and wellbeing.

Our aim in introducing these products, is to decrease the toxic load in patients not only through dietary recommendations and nutritional supplementation but also to eliminate toxic exposure before it enters the body.

This exciting range allows you to make the right choice for your lifestyle and to choose non cancer causing products.

Watch this short informative video that explains a few “Home Truths” on the way harmful ingredients are interfering with us “Living a Healthy Life”.

For further information or if you are interested in purchasing these products please email . We will even give you the opportunity to purchase these state-of-the-art products at wholesale price!! Yes, wholesale price! Ask us how!
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