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If you are thinking of having a baby now or further into the future, it is not too early to start preparing for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

Preconception care refers to optimising your health and addressing health issues before you become pregnant in order to keep you, your partner and your baby as healthy as possible.

Preconception care is the ultimate form of preventative medicine. Research is emerging that what happens in the first nine months may influence your child’s health and quality of life for years to come. With the help of our Practitioners, you receive guidance on appropriate dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations that will increase your chances of conceiving, and maintain the health of both parents and your baby throughout pregnancy and beyond.

It takes two! – As couples prepare for pregnancy, the spotlight often falls on the mother to be. However, modern research is telling us that men have more than just a small part to play in the conception and the health of their baby, and should also be targets for preconception care. Development of healthy sperm is not only important because it delivers half of the genetic materials to form the baby; it also plays an important role in successful fertilisation and pregnancy outcomes. Our Practitioners can advise on specific factors to promote male reproductive health to allow both parents to be their healthiest before they create their baby.

There are a number of underlying factors affecting fertility and the future health of the child. Prior to conception, during pregnancy and throughout lactation you are laying the foundations for your baby’s growth, health and development. There are some simple, healthy lifestyle practices that both parents can do together to enhance the health of the parents and the baby.

  • Detoxification for “Him” and “Her”– Every day we are exposed to increasing levels of toxins hidden in the food we eat, in the air we breathe, in the products we use and in the water we drink. Toxic exposure in turn can affect fertility status of both men and women, as well as the health of the child. Fortunately, our Practitioners can help you both to minimise toxic exposure and enhance the removal of toxic substances from the body by guiding you through and Integrated Detoxification Program before conception. But BEWARE: the timing of detox is crucial. As sperm and eggs take roughly three to four months to develop so you should aim to have finished detoxification at least four months prior to conception.
  • Eat a healthy, well balanced diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, high in good quality protein and essential fatty acids to ensure that you are both getting the right nutrients to make every mouthful count! It is also important to minimise consumption of sugar, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Participate in regular physical activity before and throughout pregnancy as it offers many physical and emotional benefits including stress relief, weight control, faster recuperation after pregnancy and increased ability to cope with the physical demands of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Support yourself with supplements– along with the suggested intake of Folic Acid prior to pregnancy it is also a good idea to take some additional supplements to help with the increased demand of pregnancy. A comprehensive, high quality Multi Vitamin and Mineral Formula, Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids from fish oils and Probiotics just to name a few to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need in order to grow a healthy baby!

It’s never too early to early to start preparing for pregnancy so call us today to make an appointment.

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